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Athena and Tess are quite a like. Both girls are Southern California Natives born to Veteran fathers.  
Both were raised in average middle-class families where money was very tight.  Both became aunties
before the age of fourteen. Both lost their fathers rapidly to cancer.  Having to go through grief at an
early age, while taking care of their ill mothers, they stepped up responsibility and learned many
things.   One mother had a decade long battle with Emphysema.  The other was battling cancer and
progressive Alzheimer’s disease for two decades. Both would soon lose their health fight.  And their
daughters now would become mid-life orphans.

Throughout their childhood both Athena and Tess had to be resourceful and creative because times
were tough.  Making the most of materials around the house and having to ‘figure out’ how things
worked, simply was just part of the only life they knew. Both of their fathers were skilled at working on
things with their hands. Having fathers who weren’t afraid to get their hands dirty, only shaped Athena  
and Tess into fearless women to do things themselves from auto repair to building things.  Both girls
have craft skills that were inspired by their crafty mothers who were seamstresses out of budgetary
necessity to keep expenses down at home.  Both girls crocheted and have done needlework.

From putting up wallpaper, working in the garden weeding, churning soil, growing vegetables and
propagating Creeping Charlies, while cooking full meals, doing crafts, woodworking, sewing and
changing car oil with an 11/16 socket wrench, safety-securing windows, painting interior walls of the
living room, while scraping dried paint off windows with razor blades, caring for pets and practicing
water conservation resourcefulness, recycling, reusing and reducing became everyday reality for both
girls all before the age of ten, Athena & Tess did it all.

From domestic home task-masters to being resourceful designers at playtime, Athena and Tess found
other ways to use their creative minds.   From sales and operations; shipping and freight; home
improvement and automotive experience from both Italy and the U.K.; air and water purification and
filtration many skills were integrated into the lives of Athena & Tess.  While working with all kinds of
companies, such as OEM equipment to professional photography studios,they soon understood
proper ways to pack, ship and save money. Because this became part of their daily work, some of
these money-saving tips are passed along to you.  They can design it, fix it and drive it and show you
how to get a great deal. Tess worked in the insurance industry for residential real estate, while Athena
worked in architectural design for commercial real estate. And both know the ins and outs of buying
and selling property and things to look for and how to do things yourself at home.  

Neither of the girls was afraid of exploring their creative sides, but both were practical and logical to
incorporate computers, business reports, supervisory/managerial experience and interpersonal skills
into their repertoire. Educating themselves in the corporate working world helped them to
comprehend a myriad of industries.  

They’ve each held a variety jobs (now boasting 125 in all) and exposure to different industries, they
learned how to organize an office, apply for a job, increase their skills and improve their own career
growth during some of the craziest economic times. They did this while trying to save time, money and
deal with an array of office politics, while becoming entrepreneurs and now authors.  Saving time
translates to saving money and having a better quality of life and of course these tips are in the book.

Hopping on planes also became part of their DNA, traveling internationally and domestically. Both know
how to pack a bag, find travel deals and prepare for just about any destination. And yes, these handy
travel tips are shared with you.   Both have supervised and managed teams of people. Both have
worked alone.  Both have cooked and baked in bulk and both have yo-yo’d on a bathroom scale like
most women with PMS. Both have celebrated holidays traditionally and unconventionally and have
cared for and buried pets. Both have lived through natural disasters and evacuations, planned events
from weddings and funerals to parties and concerts, mended broken bones and broken hearts,
numerous moves, car accidents and health scares and were raised by war-generation parents who
knew how to save a buck.

And while they are not experts, they have experienced a lot of unexpected things in life and have
personally been through the process of having to ‘make do’ and come up with solutions. Some
solutions were trial and error until success was achieved on their own and others through the
redirection from consultations with a few professionals as they were physically creating the solution
together. Both inherited their mother’s post WWII recipe boxes filled with all kinds of recipes. Tess and
Athena are now sharing these great entertaining and holiday recipes that can wow any guest in
gourmet fashion, on a budget.

Athena & Tess met in 2002. Then Tess moved to the other side of the country. Near the tail end of 2009,
they started to write their first of eighty books which grew into its own SOLUTION REVOLUTION!  
There have been hundreds of challenges and problems.  But Athena and Tess have come up with just
as many solutions.   Hopefully you will relish the solutions you discover here. And if you have a
problem that isn’t addressed in this book – don’t worry, they can solve it. We Solved It – Everyday
Solutions for Everyday Problems in the areas of Life, Relationships, Food, Health, Beauty, Work,
Fashion, Home, Holidays and Entertaining.

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