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We Solved It is a series of books for three groups:  
Adults, College Students and Kids.  The 80 books work so families
can communicate, learn, grow and SOLVE everyday problems

We created many original solutions out of our own necessity to
resolve a problem.  All of our solutions are tested.   We tested
everything for you and compiled all the solutions in one place.   
Each tip has our WSI Seal of Approval:  We’ve tested it, tried it and
weeded through all the solutions with our own hands-on approach.
We know it works!

The solutions in the book are money-saving and budget conscious.
You get to save time and learn how to manage time better with our
solutions.   We help you exercise resourcefulness, creating
solutions with what you already have as well as cost-effective
solutions for negotiating and comparing prices for when you have
to purchase something new.

Many solutions utilize green eco-friendly and natural options.  We
help you eliminate unnecessary waste and care for the planet at the
same time.  We help you to streamline your lifestyle by learning to
multi-task items and repurpose them.  We’ve compiled the best tips
we’ve accumulated from professional consultations, when our
solutions didn’t cut it.  The solutions are in everyday language and
we’re your personal coaches through it all. There are no fancy terms
or a new lingo to learn in order to comprehend the solutions.   
Solutions range from crafty pre-teen to seasoned and skilled senior

We have over 80 years of experience put together in one big book
series.  Join the We Solved It Sleuths SOLUTION REVOLUTION – If
you want to be a part of it, submit your solutions to us. We will test
them ourselves and consider them for We Solved It Volume II.           

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