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Living on your own isn't easy.  It's darn right tough and there are
things about life you just don't learn in school.

If you just moved out of the house, living in dorm or renting an
apartment for the first time - then you know what we are talking

We took the We Solved It books and customized them just for you -
the college student so YOU can survive.  You'll be happy to find this
awesome resource and feel even more fortunate to know you are
not alone in figuring out how to be on your own.

Whether you are a part-time or full-time student who works
part-time or full-time and juggle both or if you are working your butt
off and trying to save for tuition to go to school, we understand it's
not easy. Anyone who is just getting out there in the world, we
know what you are going through - and we will be your new friends
to help guide you through all of it.  Think of it like a tutor for
midterms or finals, but for real life!

If you are a high school, college or a university student - get ready
for the real world.  Groups, associations and organizations affiliated
with students - along with educational institutions will find our
College Survival Guide ideal, too!

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