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Athena and Tess - The We Solved It Solution Sleuths will be helping
the next generation of problem solvers, We Solved It Kids with

A series of SIXTY BOOKS – WITH ONE MISSION:  Empowering
children through Education, Inspiration, Motivation and

WE SOLVED IT KIDS takes the WE SOLVED IT GUIDE for parents
and translates it into problem-solving with real Solution Sleuth
authors through The Adventures With Athena & Tess.  Here YOUR
CHILDREN can learn what you are learning on their own through
their own peers – with kids just like them.   Here they will meet the
unique families of: The Allens, The Carters, The Changs, The Clark-
Sotos, The DeYoungs, The Garcias, The Gilberts, The Grazianos,
The Harjos, The Jaworskis, The Lowensteins, The Ludvigs, The
Mitchells, The Nakaharas, The O’Learys, The Petersons, The
Prateeks, The Salazars, The Washingtons and The Whitmans.

For the first time-ever, We Solved It Kids presents a book series with
TWENTY relatable modern-day families of today along with an
interactive approach intertwined with the key behavioral action-
oriented essentials necessary for navigating through today’s ever-
changing world.

At last – every child has someone to relate to!  Now they can
problem solve right along with their new friends in The Adventures
with Athena & Tess.